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Telehealth Services


Applied Kinesiology muscle testing and Functional Medicine can accurately reveal the root of trigger of many health issues. There are times where it's not possible for some patients to make it into the clinic, and to meet the growing needs of our patients and the communities we serve, we have expanded our offering services to include Video and Phone sessions.

An invaluable tool of Applied Kinesiology is distance or surrogate muscle testing, where Dr. Bland muscle tests himself or a proxy as your surrogate, to receive information from your energy system. When the body is harboring toxins, subclinical infections, misalignments of structure, hormone imbalances, stress, etc., the energy is held in our personal energy templates. Just as when we test in person, with remote kinesiology we can challenge your energy system to find the root cause of your health or emotional issues.

Using kinesiology muscle testing, extensive examination procedures, and lab testing Dr. Bland is able to accurately identify physiological, emotional, and chemical blockages. The imbalances are usually the root causes of symptomatology that have prevented you from achieving your health goals. Once the imbalances in your systems have been identified, Dr. Bland provides nutritional programs, detoxification protocols, and nutritional supplements, as well as diet and lifestyle modifications.

Dr. Bland has an extensive history of dealing with complex and difficult cases, and video and phone sessions could be an effective way to help manage your conditions.

Treatment begins with an initial consultation, and could be followed by weekly sessions in the beginning, and then taper off on to an as needed basis.

If this interests you, please e-mail him at with a brief description of your symptoms and any medications/supplements you are taking. He will get back to you and let you know if he feels he might be able to help. Supplements will be extra and can be shipped to you or may be ordered through our online store. Payment can be made by credit card, no insurance is accepted.

To schedule, please visit and choose either Tele-Health or Phone Session