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Dr. Bland believes in order to obtain optimum health, one must first find the root of the problem and provide the right conditions for the body and soul to thrive. Dr. Bland’s goal is to help each individual restore their health, maximize their potential, and to educate on how to reclaim their lives. Dr. Bland is a second-generation Applied Kinesiologist and Chiropractor. Coming from a large chiropractic family in New York City, New York allowed Dr. Bland to familiarize himself and become mindful of the diversity of conditions and remedies tailored specifically to each patient through holistic measures. His goal is to help all patients seamlessly continue to reach their optimum health and performance as well as create a community that cultivates a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Our bodies are easily overloaded in today’s society from physical, mental, and chemical stressors. Any stress prevents our bodies from reaching their full potential. Dr. Bland utilizes Applied Kinesiology, Chiropractic, Functional Medicine, in conjunction with additional techniques that are dependent on a complete medical history, physical exam, and any necessary lab work. Each treatment is customized to fit individual lifestyles and to identify the root of a patient’s issues and help them reach their full potential.



Chiropractic was founded with the premise of disease of the body stems from dysfunction of the nervous system. If the nervous system isn’t functioning correctly, the brain can’t communicate efficiently with the rest of the body. Dysfunction can be caused by spinal subluxation, a misalignment of the vertebrae, which causes inflammation on adjacent nerves. By correcting the subluxation using a specific chiropractic adjustment (manipulation), one can restore the nervous system functioning by removing the inflammation, restoring proper nerve communication. Chiropractors focus on healing the nervous system without the use of surgery or drugs.

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Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a diagnostic system that uses manual muscle testing and other standard methods of diagnosis to evaluate the nervous system’s response to sensory input and challenges via the dynamics of the musculoskeletal system. Each treatment is individualized for the patient to help restore their health and maintain well being throughout life. AK is a non-invasive system of health care that is unique in the healing arts, and those physicians who practice such a system often resolve a patient’s health care dilemma faster and more effectively than traditional methods.

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Functional Medicine is an approach that addresses the root cause of disease. Each symptom may be one of many contributing features to an individual’s illness. Focused on symptoms, health care has converted to a disease care system. Functional Medicine reverses this trend. Functional medicine practitioners take account of chemical, physical, and emotional stressors. Doctors find these stressors and attempt to balance them, helping their patients reach optimal health and functioning.


Applied Kinesiology muscle testing and Functional Medicine can accurately reveal the root of trigger of many health issues. There are times where it’s not possible for some patients to make it into the clinic, and to meet the growing needs of our patients and the communities we serve, we have expanded our offering services to include Video and Phone sessions. Using kinesiology muscle testing, extensive examination procedures, and lab testing Dr. Bland is able to accurately identify physiological, emotional, and chemical blockages. The imbalances are usually the root causes of symptomatology that have prevented you from achieving your health goals. Once the imbalances in your systems have been identified, Dr. Bland provides nutritional programs, detoxification protocols, and nutritional supplements, as well as diet and lifestyle modifications.

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