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The thyroid is involved in producing hormones necessary for a stable emotional state, optimal metabolism, and normal body function. ReGenerZyme Thyroid was formulated to support the body with nutrients used to hydrate, balance, and restore the energy of the thyroid so it can function optimally.

Primary Benefits

  • Supports thyroid function and a balanced relationship with the adrenals.
  • Assists the brain in the improvement of memory and concentration.
  • Supports the body in hydrating and protecting the thyroid from radiation and electromagnetic fields.
  • Assists the thyroid in promoting emotional balance and stability.

Dr. Dick Versendaal called the thyroid gland the “mother of all happiness” because it generates the hormones necessary for the joy of the human experience: a happy brain, a happy heart, and the intuitive wisdom for achieving our dreams. Like its shield shape, the thyroid also acts as a “shield” from negativity. It is also important for metabolism and support of the adrenals and kidneys.

Over 27 million Americans have thyroid conditions, and this number continues to increase. Speculation about thyroid issues centers on food additives, nutritionally depleted foods, stress, microwave radiation, and electromagnetic frequencies (cell phones, televisions, and computers).

An underactive thyroid may cause fatigue, weight gain, dry skin and hair, hair loss, brittle nails, depression, low sex drive, low blood pressure, irregular and/or painful menstrual periods, and high cholesterol. The thyroid can also be overactive creating symptoms of nervousness, insomnia, exhaustion, weight loss, excessive hunger, pounding heart, shaky hands, and light or no menstrual periods. Balance is needed.

ReGenerZyme Thyroid was formulated to provide resources for the body to use to hydrate, balance, and restore the energy of the thyroid. In turn, the thyroid can produce hormones needed for metabolism, normal body function, and a healthy, stable emotional state.

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