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The body’s skeleton and connecting parts—bones, ligaments, joints, and tendons—need to be supported. Matrix Synergy aids the body in the repair, restoration, and maintenance of these important structures for optimal mobility and strength in youths to aging adults. It also quiets and balances the brain and nerves.

Primary Benefits

  • Supports athletes and promotes repair from injuries.
  • Supports the health of bones, ligaments, joints, and tendons.
  • Provides nutrients that hydrate and nourish skin, hair, nails, and teeth.
  • Assists in calming and supporting the brain and nerves of the body.

Matrix Synergy is formulated to support the structures and connecting parts of the body: bones, ligaments, joints, and tendons. These connecting parts are a scaffold for the skin, the largest organ of the body. The long bones, spine, hip, and shoulder bones play a vital role in manufacturing blood cells, which is important for a healthy immune system. Because of these functions, supporting healthy bones will in turn support the immune system.

The nervous system also benefits as it is calmed, nourished, and restored with the assistance of Matrix Synergy. This is especially important for the brain and its communication with the heart, the body’s hardest working muscle with a large nerve supply. Start early by supporting the brain, heart, and structures of growing children with Matrix Synergy.

Life can stress the brain, heart, nerves, bones, joints, and tendons at any age. Injuries, accidents, and degenerative syndromes can occur. It should not, however, be an accepted fact that as people age, the body wears out. Promote youthology. Support restoration and continual mobility, strength, and function with a healthy lifestyle and Matrix Synergy.

Matrix Synergy is also a support and rescue remedy for athletes. When injuries occur, restoration is needed. Mental focus, strength, and endurance of the nerves, bones, joints, and tendons are necessary for athletes to compete.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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