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What is Back Pain?

85% of the population will experience debilitating back pain in their lives. I have seen many patients diagnose themselves with sciatica, which is a fancy term for back pain that can radiate into one limb or both.

The truth is back pain can present itself from an overload of stressors from thoughts, toxins, or traumas. Most people like to brush off aches and pains, not realizing that pain is an abnormal response to an unnatural environment coming from within or outside of the body. It can be a minor pain that seems to slow you down to a severe and debilitating injury.

Back pain happens to be one of the most common reasons a person will go to a doctor and one of the most common reasons people miss work. Our spinal health can keep us from the activities and people we love. I welcome anyone interested to come in for a free consultation to evaluate their condition. I also encourage everyone to take preventive measures to keep and build a healthy foundation, so their bodies are functioning at optimal health.

The truth is some patients know what caused their back pain, and sometimes it remains a mystery. Many stressors can cause back pain, and each patient needs a care plan tailored specifically to their needs to ensure a speedy recovery.


Back pain is caused by muscle inhibition, poor biomechanics, major traumas, as well as repetitive stress injuries. Muscles react from messages sent by the nervous system, and their tone is the expression of our life. Traumas, including mental, chemical, or physical, can affect specific muscles or groups of muscles that will not receive the proper information from functioning as they should. Muscles under stress often turn off to help protect the tissue from tearing or avulsing from the bone from further injury. After a while, the body compensates, and some muscles become weak, and others get tight or hypertonic. If your muscles aren’t working correctly, they can pull on the bones, causing a bone to go out of alignment, chiropractors call this a subluxation.

A subluxation is when a bone goes out of place, causing aberrant neurological functioning. Therefore wrong information is coming in out of the nervous system, causing an imbalance that with continue to get worse if not addressed correctly. The nervous system sends information to muscles and organs and can cause chemical imbalances in the body.

Did you know the nervous system is the only system in the body totally encased by bone? The spine protects the nervous system giving the nerves a highway to conduct every process in the body like a supercomputer. All it takes is a few grams of pressure to decrease nervous system communication by up to 60%. All imbalances in the body can lead to pain, weakness, inflammation, and chronic subluxations/misalignments. Once subluxated, the nerves stop sending the correct information, and the nerves start to misfire like lousy spark plugs in an engine. I test all of my patient’s muscles and fix those that are not working correctly, as well as making gentle corrections for proper biomechanics of the spine.


An overlooked aspect of back pain is inflammation in the body and how this inflammation can change the physiology of a spinal unit, causing it to go out of place. Research shows nightshades cause inflammation in many people, and have proved to be a significant cause of chronic pain and reinjury. Another aspect to deeply consider is other food sensitivities such as wheat, corn, eggs, caffeine, chocolate, etc. Research shows that in some people, they can be common causes of musculoskeletal pain, or it could be adding to the inflammation and pain of a current condition.


When one has an imbalance of microbes in the body, they will experience dysbiosis or disorganization of the gut and intestines. It is not long until this imbalance can cause severe inflammation that can easily irritate already weak tissues in the lower. Inflammation usually shows up wherever a person’s “weakest link” is. Pain often goes away by restoring flora and/or removing foods one is sensitive to using Applied Kinesiology.


Heavy Metals and environmental toxins like air pollution, pesticides, and others increase the toxic load on one’s body. This can increase inflammation, cause debilitating severe back pain, and improving one’s risk of developing a new injury.


Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) like Aspirin and Ibuprofen commonly are taken for pain. They work by blocking all the prostaglandins the body makes. There are inflammatory and anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. We optimally want to body to have little to no inflammation. NSAIDs block pro-inflammatory prostaglandins and signals, which reduce pain. However, by taking these drugs, you are also blocking the anti-inflammatory prostaglandins that help reduce inflammation. So while they may help mask the pain, the patient will increase overall inflammation levels. Thus making symptoms worse, last longer, or expose the body to a new injury.


In conclusion, we experience so many different layers of stress that are comprised of thoughts, traumas, and toxins. These stressors can cause back pain, which can cause injury and inflammation in the body to get worse. Being evaluated for muscular imbalances and subluxations is a necessary catalyst to return to optimal health.

If you are looking for great results, you want to choose a Doctor that uses muscle testing to evaluate your body. It is imperative to find a doctor who is going to treat you as a whole. To ensure a full recovery, we must get to the root causes of an injury. I evaluate all patients for food sensitivities, dysbiosis, and environmental toxins to maintain an injury-free lifestyle. The most common and successful anti-microbials used in my clinical experience are Golden Thread, Morinda, and Melia Supreme. Also, for detox Takesumi Supreme is a great product. Other products, such as selenium or alpha-lipoic acid, can be imperative to help those who have deficiencies heal from their back injuries as well. These supplements help support a necessary environment for the body to heal alongside chiropractic treatments. Changing one’s diet and trying the above supplements will work for some, however, I don’t recommend one approach for all, as we are all biochemical individuals. That’s why getting evaluated for all potential aspects mentioned above is critical.

Please feel free to email me atĀ or comment below with any questions you may have. Call 253-302-3131 or visit to schedule your appointment today!

Dr. Bland

Dr. Ryan Bland is a second-generation Chiropractor and Applied Kinesiologist practicing in Tacoma / Seattle WA. Dr. Bland treats chronically ill patients with fatigue, intestinal issues, depression, autoimmune conditions, etc. The patients he has seen most often seen many other doctors beforehand and can be helped using the unique protocol developed by Michael Lebowitz DC. He also works with professional athletes, actors, dancers, and people from all over the world, working to optimize overall health.


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