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How to Treat a Moldy House? Living in the Pacific North West

A fungal infection from mold exposure can cause serious health issues. It is typical for me to see and identify patients dealing with toxic exposure to different kinds of molds. When toxins overload the human body’s natural defense system, it is common to see weight gain, a cough that won’t go away, or others will present with issues concerning digestion. In some people with concurrent conditions, this can cause a chronic illness to persist and in many times, get worse. One common question asked is, do I have mold in my house, or is the air in my home clean? Now we must follow up with how to reduce the exposure in all of our homes.

Mold and fungus grow in a dark, warm, humid environment and the human body is a perfect place for molds and fungi to infect. The difference between Fungus and Mold is that the fungus is a kingdom of organisms, and mold is a diverse group of fungi. However, many homes in moist environments like the Pacific Northwest (PNW) can have an excess of mold and fungi. In my experience, mold issues in houses occur more commonly than we think and can affect people all over the world.


One patient came to me this fall with complications consisting of gaining 10 pounds as well as feeling tired mentally and physically all the time. After taking a full exam and case history, I discovered that the symptoms started after moving to a new house. Based on the initial exam and Applied Kinesiology testing, a candida/fungal issue appeared to be present. The patient followed a custom program designed specifically to help with the fungal issue to maximize their body’s healing potential. I also recommended an essential oil diffuser containing tea tree oil and cedarwood (both are anti-fungal). Two weeks later, on our follow-up visit, their energy was the best it had been in a year. Also, the patient dropped 10 pounds after following a protocol I specifically designed for the patient. Unknown to me, the patient and their child had developed a chronic cough and asthma since moving into the new home. The patient remarked that the children’s cough went away the first night the diffuser was used. Two days later, the patient was feeling so good they forgot to turn the diffusers on in their house, and the coughing came back. The next day the patient turned the diffuser back on, and the cough went away again. I find that the use of essential oils is critical in helping disinfect the air in a moldy home.

It’s quite simple to help someone struggling with a fungal issue, as impossible as it may seem. Being a second-generation Applied Kinesiologist, I have seen people reach full recovery for 30+ years. Every patient gets a tailored plan of supplements and dietary instructions, as no one person is the same.

Improvements happen quite rapidly and usually occur in 2-4 weeks so you can go back to living your best life. It is essential to be careful; one isn’t being exposed to the molds and to do one’s best to avoid and eradicate the mold in your environment. These sources can include one’s spouse, their home, place of work, or any other place they spend much time.


In most cases, the mold is not visible and almost impossible to identify. Sometimes you can see the mold growing, and severe remediation is needed. Most times, these issues in one’s home are very treatable. An ERMI test can be used to determine if your house is at toxic levels. For people who I suspect mold in their home, I have them bring in air samples so we can assess it. There are also some laboratory tests where patients can send air samples to see how much mold is present. Not everyone responds the same to mold, some people who live in a moldy house may feel great while someone else may feel awful with low levels. Sometimes it is essential to run lab tests to determine the source of the exposure.


– You can see it.
– You have had water leaks.
– You can smell a musty smell that will not go away
– You feel better when you are away.

We all feel better when leaving for a vacation! When some patients are away from their moldy homes, their symptoms start to go away because they are not being exposed to the toxin. Little do they know they still have a severe fungal infection growing inside that needs to be treated. Once the disease process starts, it is already increasing and often won’t go away on its own. If you’re exposed to mold you can have symptoms that you cannot figure out why you feel so lousy all the time.


Time to get to work! You must clean it properly. In most cases, I suggest hiring a professional as the patient should avoid exposure.
– If you must, I recommend to wear serious protection and start to wipe the mold off with a mix of water, tea tree, and cedarwood oils which have anti-fungal properties. One can also do a combination of water with borax.
– Rent an Ozonator. Ozone gas can kill mold that it can reach. If the mold is too deep, you might be out of luck.
– Turn on the Ozonator for 8-12 hours. Come back and turn it off and open all the windows and doors to help ventilate the house.
– Repeat 2-3 times. Let the house air out.
– Essential oil diffusers in their bedroom and any rooms, we identified as moldy.

Not all moldy houses can be treated. Sometimes a change in location is necessary for the resolution of the infection.

In mild cases, one’s bed and pillows/bedding need to be checked and changed if necessary. A mattress can quickly gain 7 pounds from mold growth in the first year of use, and it can be multiplied in a moldy house. I recommend patients to clean their carpets with a steam cleaner and deeply clean clothes and linens. I almost always recommend the patient get new pillows when mold and fungus toxicity is present.


After treating the exposure of mold, other things need to be done. In addition to making sure one’s furniture, clothing, pillows, etc. aren’t moldy, it is crucial you and your significant other need to be treated also. Leaving or fixing your environment doesn’t get rid of the mold growing inside you. If your loved ones are not experiencing symptoms, it is still essential to be evaluated and treated as they can be carriers of mold. A french kiss can transfer up to eight million types of bacteria. Your nuclear family needs to be also treated, so you don’t pass microbes back and forth. This can also apply to pets that we love who lick us.

Moldy houses can cause fungal and candida overgrowth in the body, creating a plethora of health issues. Weight gain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, brain fog, and many other symptoms can all be linked to fungal overgrowth. Treating the patient doesn’t have to take long if you ensure you aren’t being exposed to more while being treated. Doing one and not the other won’t achieve optimal results.

Living in Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Seattle, Olympia, Portland, the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere on the planet doesn’t mean you have to suffer from fungal infection symptoms. You can live healthy and symptom-free if careful. That means being vigilant in one’s home. If a leak ever occurs, stopping it immediately and treating it as if a mold issue has occurred is vital. Don’t assume it is nothing; use all protective measures possible. There is no reason one cannot get rid of mold or fungal issues living in the beautiful PNW.

Dr. Bland

-Dr. Ryan Bland is a second-generation Chiropractor and Applied Kinesiologist practicing in Tacoma / Seattle WA. Dr. Bland treats chronically ill patients with fatigue, intestinal issues, depression, autoimmune conditions, etc. The patients he has seen most often seen many other doctors beforehand and can be helped using the unique protocol developed by Michael Lebowitz DC. He also works with professional athletes, actors, dancers, and people from all over the world, working to optimize overall health.


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